Egypt CSR & Sustainability Forum 7

Alexandria hosted the seventh CSR Forum and the third round in Egyptian Governorates, under distinguished government patronage on 11 November 2018 at the Royal Tolip Hotel.
The forum aims to creating an integration between the efforts exercised by the government, business community and civil society organizations to achieve actual development in the Egyptian governorates.
CSR Egypt organized this event to ensure the continuity of the participation and cooperation between the development stakeholders, in addition to developing integrated development plans with a priority to
improve the quality of Egyptian citizens’ life and revive the economic situation.
And for the First time, the forum hosted a roundtable that gathers all stakeholders to discuss the methods of integration, as well as shedding light on the needs of each party.
The forum  also discussed how to maximize the potential and competitive advantages of each governorate, and the future of local and foreign investment in the region, in addition to highlighting the mechanisms of attracting investments to participate in local development programs in the region, as well as improving the conditions of the community through studying a number of proposals for the development of infrastructure and service sectors.


Event Agenda

Mrs. Rim Siam

President of Business Women Council/ Egyptian Chambers of Commerce.
Mohsen Adel

Dr. Mohsen Adel,

Former CEO of the General Authority for Investment and Regions free.
Huda Ibrahim

Dr. Hoda Ibrahim

Sustainability Manager for Egypt/Africa region at Alpin limited.

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