Egypt Green Economy Forum 6

The Sixth Forum on Green Economy “Together, we take the lead in
advancing the green economy”.
The forum is held within the framework of the national efforts being exerted by the
Egyptian government, and development partners – under directives of President
Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi – to give priority to projects and programs for shifting to green
economy, supporting climate action, and promoting development partnerships among
the private sector as well as international and regional development institutions to
achieve green and sustainable growth and Backing the accomplishments of Egypt’s
2050 strategy, The forum will be held in July 2024 under the theme “Towards a
sustainable future… Together, we take the lead in advancing the green economy”.
Based on our conviction in the imperative of collaboration among all stakeholders to
realize sustainable development and safeguard the environment for future
generations, as the business community today faces great challenges in achieving
sustainable development. The Sixth Green Economy Forum is an important opportunity
to spotlight on the green investment sectors and provide innovative financing solutions
to meet the needs of green investors. Thus, this edition of the forum will build bridges of
communication between the various parties concerned with the green economy, from
decision makers, investors, civil society, academics and international organizations,
and present plans and strategies. And present blueprints and strategies for
transitioning towards a green economy from an investor’s standpoint. Moreover, it will
scrutinize the components of an optimal and enticing investment environment for
green investors and deliberate on soft, low-cost financing mechanisms for the private
sector to incentivize green projects. It is significant to highlight that the sixth edition
since its launch in 2019, and this forum arrives at a crucial time, coinciding with a
notable transition in Egypt’s business and investment environment towards green
sectors and clean technologies.
The forum’s program will include a variety of activities, including Panel discussions,
Expert talks, Interactive workshops and Exhibition for green products and services the
forum aims to:
• Shedding light on prospective sectors for green investments.
• Providing innovative financing solutions to meet the needs of green investors.
• Exploring green technology applications in addressing emissions and contributing to
sustainable transformation.
• Highlighting the success stories of entrepreneur’s investors in the field of the green
• Enhancing awareness of the importance of green investment and encouraging the
shift towards sustainable patterns that work to preserve resources and the
• Providing a platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences between
participants, and building strong partnerships and professional relationships in the
field of the green economy.
A group of experts and decision-makers will participate in the forum to discuss the
latest developments in the field of the green economy and share best practices

Event Agenda